Election Information

Election Information


VOTERS EDGE: https://votersedge.org/ca


Voters Edge is a project of the California League and Maplight to offer nonpartisan information on candidates. Candidates enter their information, and League volunteers go through every entry to make sure the information is accurate. The site also gives information on ballot measures, and can tell you where to vote, since you enter your address to get a sample of your ballot. Its basically a “one stop shop” for information on your individual ballot, candidate, measures, and voting site.


EASY VOTER GUIDE: http://www.easyvoterguide.org/


This is also offered by the California League. You can download this PDF, which is basically a multi-page brochure, describing the statewide Propositions. The League does endorse some Propositions, if they fit into the League’s Positions on issues. The Easy Voter Guide describes the Propositions, giving the pros and cons, and then lets you know if the League recommends a Proposition or not.


Read our entire analysishttps://lwvc.org/vote/elections/ballot-recommendations?emci=b54f8bea-0dee-ea11-99c3-00155d039e74&emdi=8f67d25b-04ef-ea11-99c3-00155d039e74&ceid=1963987


Track My Ballot:  Sign up at https://acvote.ballottrax.net/voter/  to receive automatic emails about your ballot – when it is mailed, received, and counted. It is a little like tracking packages being shipped to your home by UPS or other services. Track My Ballot is very easy to use.