Committees and Teams

Committees and Teams

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Registering Voters

Lynne Roberts is coordinating voter registration efforts. It is easy to do and so very important!

Ads for Our Newsletters

Marketers needed to recruit advertisers for our quarterly newsletters.

Newsletters in the past have carried advertisements for local businesses and events for a nominal cost. This is done regularly by the Nevada County league. For more information, email lwvplacer [at] or call (530) 888-7161.

Select Venue for Monthly Meetings

We currently meet at the Round Table in Loomis on Horseshoe Bar Rd. This location is midway between Auburn and Roseville for the convenience of all members, but we are always open to new ideas!

Observer Corps

Observing Government Transparency and Accountability
This team observes how public meetings are conducted and reports their findings to ensure the public's right-to-know is honored and protected, and to establish good communication between the League and government.

Pam Hart chairs this committee. Ann Fulweiler regularly attends Placer County Water Agency meetings and Randi Swisley regularly attends Auburn City Council meetings. Please email lwvplacer [at] to get more information and to sign up for this fun activity. 

Sierra College Ambassador

Engaging Our Emerging Leaders

We are lucky to have a high quality community college in our county and we could benefit from having a LWVPC Ambassador to Sierra College. Let us know if you're interested by emailing lwvplacer [at]

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Newsletter Editor

Keeping Our Communities Informed

Randi Swisley produces the LWV-PC newsletter with the support and guidance of the Editorial Team and the Board of Directors. We are seeking someone to resume responsibility for this publication. Let us know if you are interested by emailing lwvplacer [at]

Copies of our newsletters can be seen on the Local News page and you can submit newsletter ideas to newsletter [at]

Photo Team

Increasing Visibility of LWV-PC
This team uses their own cameras or cameras provided by LWV-PC to take pictures and videos at events that can be posted to our webpage. Please email lwvplacer [at] if you would like to be on this team.

Speakers Bureau

Researching and Presenting Pros & Cons of Ballot Propositions

Randi Swisley (Chair), Kathy Souza, Norma Sexton, Joyce Beeman, Lynne Snyder, Karen Enghusen, and Lee Therrien are on the Bureau. If you are interested in joining the team, please email lwvplacer [at]

Editorial Team

Reviewing for Professionalism and Consistency
Formal communication to members and the public benefits from peer reviews from at least one person on the Editorial Team. 

Joyce Beeman, Bernadette O'Keefe, and Randi Swisley are on this team.

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Facebook & Twitter

Engaging Our Membership and Young Adults
In the past LWVPC interns have served as Managing Editors of our facebook and twitter accounts. Please let us know if you can provide this service to our league by emailing lwvplacer [at] You can LIKE us and follow us on facebook at LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS PLACER COUNTY.

Budget Committee

Planning a Budget to fulfill LWV-PC goals and strategy
This team proposes a Budget in March each year to the Board of Directors for the fiscal year beginning in July. Please let us know if you are interested in providing this important guidance to our league. Email lwvplacer [at]

Grant Writing Team

Obtaining Grants to Fund Our Plans
Bernadette O'Keefe chairs this committee and Joyce Beeman joins her.

Fundraising Team

Keeping LWVPC Growing
Please contact Randi Swisley at president [at] for more information.

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