The LWVSC believes that the rearing of children is a social as well as a parental responsibility . . .
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(adopted 1987)

The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County believes that the rearing of children is a social as well as a parental responsibility. Parents should provide a nurturing, caring environment that will promote the emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of children. A coordinated mix of private and public child care programs, including self-supported and subsidized programs, is a necessary support system for both parents and children. These programs should be available to all children, including special needs children, in all age groups and designed to meet their special needs.

Programs that are affordable, accessible and of high quality should be available to parents at all income levels who choose to use them. Diverse alternative forms of child care responsive to the widely diverse social and economic needs of families, including consideration of transportation needs, should be provided.

Government regulations, funding, and active participation in coordinating child care needs, are necessary to ensure high quality of care in these programs.

Community-wide efforts are needed to educate all segments of society about the need for quality child care and the benefits derived by the community and to coordinate information and referral on existing needs and resources.

Teachers and those who participate in the care of children should receive the level of skill and training, along with commensurate salaries, which is required for high quality child care.

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