[VOTER REG] Nearly 300 new voters registered through July 8 - 9 Drive

[VOTER REG] Nearly 300 new voters registered through July 8 - 9 Drive

Voter Registration 200709 Pahoa at Malama Mart

A strong community awareness drive across tv, radio, print and social media coupled with a growing conviction of the need to vote combined for a high turnout at the League's three Voter Registration events on July 8 - 9 in  Pahoa, Kona and Hilo. The two-day numbers were 167 in Kona, 74 in Pahoa, and 47 in Hilo, for a total of 288 registrations.

West Hawaii Today's article, "Election essentials: deadline for mail-in voter registration ends today," was one of many messages the community cited as the reason they made the journey to Malama Mart in Pahoa, near Safeway in Kona, and at Bay Front in Hilo. Knowing it was the last two days to register added urgency. "This is the first time I'm voting since Jimmy Carter!" declared one voter. Another came to register and brought her two adult kids to register as well. The Kona team noted enthusiasm across the generations, from a 17-year-old to a couple who had been married for 40 years and were registering for the first time.

While voter registration for the Primary Election in August closed on July 9th, the League intends to do another round of registration drives for the General Election in November. The last day to register to receive a mail ballot packet for the General Election is Oct. 5th.

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