Voting Page

Thank you all for voting in the 2020 Primary Election. 

You have made a difference by participating in our Democracy! Now let's gear up for November, 2020!


    Click here  to see the downloadable Unofficial 2020 Primay Election Results.

Click here to see the Map of the 2020 Primay Election Results. 





A Note about COVID-19 Virus impact on PA Elections:

In anticipation of the COVID-19 virus, the Montgomery County Commissioners announced on Thursday, March 12, that they are encouraging all voters to apply for a mail-in ballot. Learn more here.




Check your registration status, learn about new voting systems, and more! 

 Please make sure you are registered, and commit to vote in every election, to keep our democracy healthy!







New Voting System

In 2019, our county introduced a voter-marked, optical-scanned paper ballot, providing a verifiable paper trail, to enhance voter confidence and election security. The same system will be used in the 2020 Primary and General elections.

Click here for detailed information, instructions and instructional videos